Sam And Cat


      After a series of bizarre, comical events, Sam Puckett and Cat Valentine find themselves living together in Los Angeles. With no means of supporting themselves, the girls decide to make some quick cash as babysitters...only to realize there's big money in little kids. It's Adventures in Babysitting meets Laverne & Shirley...done Dan Schneider style.


      Paw Patrol

      Nick Jr

      Trouble in town?  Need an extra hand – or paw?!  No worries, Ryder and his PAW Patrol Pups are the way! 
      All the pups have their own special skills, personalities and jobs too – So if there’s trouble in Adventure Bay you know you can always count on RYDER and his heroic, hard working PAW PATROL PUPS! Ten-year-old RYDER and his “can-do” PUP friends are always ready to help.  No adventure is too big - or too small - for these helpful pups to pitch in.


      Monsters Vs Aliens

      Nick Toons

      The series is an extension of the 2009 DreamWorks blockbuster film, Monsters vs. Aliens. It follows the funny escapades of the beloved and well-meaning Monsters who once saved Earth and now must live and work with a bizarre assortment of Aliens at “Area Fifty-Something.”